DIY Snow Globes with Molly Sims!

Poni had the most fun day ever getting to hang and craft with our dear friend Molly Sims. Together we made not only the CUTEST but also incredibly simple and magical holiday snow globes. Seriously, its so easy you just can't mess it up!

You can us in action here and see how easy it really is!

But if you missed anything in the video, we got you covered! Here are the materials:

Jars (Mason or others)

Cute figurines/Christmas trees

Hot glue or super glue

White Oven baked clay



 And the directions!

1.    Create snow mounds on the lids for the jars with white oven bake clay, add glitter and then bake to harden about 10- 15 minutes at 250 degrees

2.    Experiment with your trees and cute figurines to create sweet little holiday scenes

3.    Once the lids are cool, attach your miniature holiday scenes to the snow mounds with either hot glue or super glue

4.    Fill the jar with water, as much glitter as you like for snow

5.    Add a little bit of glycerin (helps the “snow” fall more slowly)

6.    Securely screw the lids with your holiday scenes onto the jars

7.    Invert and admire your pretty little holiday happening!


The backstory of Poni...

Since my earliest memories, two things were consistent in bringing me joy: ponies and making. As a child, and honestly through high school, summers you could find me out in the barn or in the pasture with one of my many horses.

My first pony, Dynamite, accompanied me to school in kindergarten as my “show & tell” giving all the other kids in my class pony rides up and down Main Street. I have record of my first horse sale, a small dark grey pony that I broke and trained, which I sold for $175. Now living in LA, a pony is not reasonable but I do have my sweet pup Mouse as a pretty great substitute.

My other great joy was found in making. This has followed me long into adulthood and is still my greatest joy. Up to a certain age, somewhere just shy of high school, I used to make all my Christmas gifts. My best friend growing up, Dori Miller and I, used to hold countless “art sales”. But mostly I made things to keep me happy and to give to others to make them happy.

These two joys come together to make Poni and though I don’t offer pony rides, I do hope to offer joy. In the most earnest of ways, I seek to make others happy and their lives better.

I believe in the power of creativity. I believe in the importance of the handmade, of the original, of the unique. I started this company, Poni, with the mission of providing the opportunity for people to use their creative skills, to experience the thrill of making, surround them with originality, and quite simply put, to make memories better.


The best thing in life? Answer: inspire future creatives.

Through out my career as a maker,  a good amount of the time I have also been an instructor and have always loved it equally to being in my own studio. Life enforced a bit of a respite from teaching as I needed to take on a full time position (sometimes you need a full on salary with benefits!). And although this position as Director of Recruitment at ArtCenter College of Design allowed me to seek out, mentor, and help shape the paths of future artists & designers, it never was quite the same as getting to directly teach. 

In an earlier post I shared that I left this position; it has now been 6 months ago! In fear of jinxing I probably shouldn't mention how well it's been going, but let's just say; I am doing OK. And my pup, Mouse, is a big fan of the shift. 

One of my many new adventures was teaching a course very dear to my heart called Wearable Art  to 9-12 years old. Newly back to teaching, I worked really hard to make a great experience for these young artists and it really paid off. These 10 students completely wowed and exceeded expectations! I think we all were overwhelmed by the results.

We did a total of 6 projects (in 5 days mind you!) including: couture hats, masks inspired by multiple cultures, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, and hand stamped patterns based on each students heritage that became skirts. This class definitely was a bit indulgent for me as I got to show images of Nick Cave, Viktor & Rolf, Yayoi Kusuma, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Madonna,  plus many other of artists and designers that inspire me. 

See images to ascertain for yourself the delight of this class! The week went too fast.

Life is good.

Sometimes you have to just take a leap of faith though as a Dutch Midwesterner that leap did not come with out some hesitation, careful considerations,  and planning. That being said, I did it! Quit the jobjob I had been threatening to do maybe since, oh I don't know, its inception? I am not ungrateful, the 7 years I spent with this company taught me a lot and I met an incredible amount of amazing people. But my heart belonged elsewhere so exactly 4 months ago I left the world of salary and benefits to return to freelance and adjunct teaching.  What a whirlwind this has been but so far, exceeding expectations.

When you work for yourself, you definitely work harder but is it really work when you are doing what you love?