DIY Snow Globes with Molly Sims!

Poni had the most fun day ever getting to hang and craft with our dear friend Molly Sims. Together we made not only the CUTEST but also incredibly simple and magical holiday snow globes. Seriously, its so easy you just can't mess it up!

You can us in action here and see how easy it really is!

But if you missed anything in the video, we got you covered! Here are the materials:

Jars (Mason or others)

Cute figurines/Christmas trees

Hot glue or super glue

White Oven baked clay



 And the directions!

1.    Create snow mounds on the lids for the jars with white oven bake clay, add glitter and then bake to harden about 10- 15 minutes at 250 degrees

2.    Experiment with your trees and cute figurines to create sweet little holiday scenes

3.    Once the lids are cool, attach your miniature holiday scenes to the snow mounds with either hot glue or super glue

4.    Fill the jar with water, as much glitter as you like for snow

5.    Add a little bit of glycerin (helps the “snow” fall more slowly)

6.    Securely screw the lids with your holiday scenes onto the jars

7.    Invert and admire your pretty little holiday happening!